[Classy Cats] The Art of the Teese ~ More Glitter!

I first encountered Dita Von Teese at some event in Los Angeles when I just moved from Boston. I was aware of who she was. I was intrigued by her femininity; raven waves and the epitome of perfection. Prior to that, i was only familiar with an interview from Dr. Drew. At the event, there was hardly a line to see her. I ended up buying her first book and had her sign it.

I heard about Art of the Teese through pinup contacts on my Instagram feed. I’ve never seen her perform live prior. It felt like almost every pinup I knew had taken a selfie with her at Viva at some point! I finally had to see what this was all about. I was fortunate to attend her sold out show in the Anaheim House of Blues (now at Garden Walk!).

Not necessarily Line Con


PSA: The House of Blues (Anaheim) is at Garden Walk, NOT Downtown Disney.

House of Blues has plenty of rooms! This is their main venue.


The Outfit
I wanted a dress that made a statement. I still had a discount from Stop Staring from Viva. I’ve been eyeing the Serena dress in hot pink for the longest time. After seeing so many ladies get their photo with Dita while dressed to the nines, I knew I had to dress up. I love this dress because it’s very Old Hollywood and you just feel fabulous wearing it!

Miss Bella Vida did my hair and make up for this event. We worked together before at Viva – coincidentally, she also did my hair and make up for the car show and I was also dressed up in Stop Staring! Clothing. We did some Old Hollywood waves to match with a touch of Dita-ness. I’m also rockin’ American Beauty from Besame Cosmetics.

A majority of my accessories – purse, ring, hair flowers – are from Pip Star Pop, our site’s sponsor!

Fun Fact: During intermission, people thought i was actually Dita. Um…I kinda have tan skin…?

VIP has its advantages…


The Event
The Art of the Teese took place at the House of Blues in Anaheim to a sold out audience. There were so many people in line! Thankfully, we had VIP seats which allowed us to sit during the show. Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing heels either! VIP pretty much got you seats, drink service (but you still had to pay for drinks), and an after party. Unfortunately, the site did not spell out what VIP got you. I was kinda under the impression that VIP would get you a photo op with Dita, but that was a separate package retailing at an additional $150+!

The show was MC’ed by Jonny McGovern who was very hilarious. He was like a gayer version of Randy “Macho Man” Savage. I had no idea this was going to be more of a burlesque show than a full on Dita show. I was actually happy to see different performers as this was my first real burlesque show. We were entertained by the likes of Ginger Lee Valentine, Violet Chacki, Dirty Martini, Jett Adorb, and Zelia Rose. I was completely floored by their acts. The only one I knew prior was Violet Chacki because of her career on RuPaul’s Drag Race. What I liked is that some of the performers recreated famous Dita routines like the carousel horse and Texas sweetheart. Everyone was a treat to look at!

Of course, there was the queen herself, Dita. Escorted by her “Vontourage,” she performed four acts in the two hour show – classic martini glass, black swan, lazy, and glitter cowgirl. Like everyone else in the audience, I wanted every single outfit she wore. At the ripe age of 44, she is style, she is grace. I’ve heard so many amazing things about Dita, but you have to see her to believe it. At curtain, everyone was cheering – no encores, but it was a memorable night!


I’m very glad that I ended up upgrading to VIP. I was originally going to see this in the general audience section. If you do have tickets, I rec. showing up early – get yourself a drink and some souvenirs. Showtime starts and hour after the given time. The line was very long to get in for general admission – thankfully, we had VIP to get us in right away! Special thanks to Miss Lily Laurent for making this happen!

Do not feed peanuts to the god

I’m so glad that I finally got to see the queen herself perform. Hoping one day I can selfie with her…without paying an extra $150 price ontop of my VIP ticket! Definitely worth checking out if you consider yourself a pinup!

Written by Miss Vicky Angel | IG: @afelineofspectre

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