[On Location] Sutro Bath Ruins (San Francisco, CA)

Sutro Bath Ruins (San Francisco, CA)

I first learned about this location through a video shoot for one of my classes at San Francisco State University. A classmate mentioned that the area is quite friendly to local artists who want to take photos, sketch, or even create a short subject student film. This area has plenty of things to check out. Initially, you would park on the top of the cliff and hike your way down. At the top of the cliff, there is a foresty and green type of area for woodland shots. As you descend closer to the beach, you get a very desert-y type of look.

By the time you reach the Sutro Bath Ruins, you have the ocean and bits and pieces of architecture to work with. We filmed a Asian martial arts type of film over here. There’s plenty of potential for epic battle shots here, especially with the ocean and third world feel of the area. There is also a cave that you can also work for photos, given the right kind of lighting.



There are a few restaurants in the area, most notably, The Cliff House. However, there are no typical cheap eats. You would have to drive off site to grab something simple.


Parking and Transit

You are better off parking at the Sutro Baths Ruins. There is parking available right by the Cliff House restaurant. Though transit is available, the MUNI buses do not run pretty often here. It’s wise to carpool.


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