[One Shots] The Culling Prelude

Superboy Issue 8 (2012)

Script- Tom DeFalco, Pencils- Iban Coello & R.B. Silva

Superboy 8 cover

The Prelude to The Culling begins with Superboy #8 with a shift in script writing from Scott Lobdell (who is credited for Plot) to Tom DeFalco (Writer of Legion Lost another part of The Culling crossover).  The story is very scattered in this issue.  Superboy is fighting a new enemy named Grunge, while Catlin Fairchild attacks STAR labs, and Rose Wilson and Solstice have an encounter.  The story does not flow very well, but it is easy enough to follow.  This issue brings back some former Teen Titans and introduces a new villain who hints at the upcoming events for the crossover.

Superboy Grunge fight

The dialogue is really bad and is very cliché ridden.  From characters explaining the attack in the middle of the attack to a detective’s internal monologue about how she let a crime happen for the right reasons.  While there are some interesting hints about the upcoming events it is handled in a very weak manner.  This book is not fun to read and the art does not help in making this a good comic.  Superboy still has decent designs for the male characters, but the females still do not look right.  The backgrounds are very plain and the action is very static.

Rose and Solstice

Superboy began as a very interesting reboot, but after the first crossover with the Teen Titans the series has gone down hill and this issue reinforces that trend.  If you have been enjoying the current run of Superboy or Teen Titans then you will likely enjoy this issue of Superboy.  If you are looking for an enjoyable read or something to make you care about The Culling then this book will not satisfy.  Hopefully the event will breathe new life into Superboy and the other titles involved in The Culling, but I doubt it.

Superboy Smiles

Bizarro Rejected!!


Legion Lost Issue 8 (2012)

Story and Art by Tom DeFalco & Aaron Kuder

Legion Lost 8 cover

This issue takes focus upon an ambush set up by the subordinates of the mysterious Harvest, who has been referenced in the other Culling tie-in titles as well.  While, it is unlikely that trained members of the Legion of Superheroes could easily be ambushed it still works for dramatic action.  Each member of the team battles another metahuman that is very well prepared for this attack, but the battles end too quickly and the last scene is rather stupid.  This issue ends with a hanging ending leading into The Culling four-part crossover event.

Legion Lost fighting

The writing in this book is better than it has been in previous issues, but that’s not saying much.  There is not much dialogue, which does help the book and the team argument in the beginning helps show where everyone is standing on this mission.  While the villains have stupid names like Psykill and Misberlief it does not hurt the comic very much.  The art looks fine with unique character designs and even Rose Wilson looks better than her usual Superboy design.  The action is a mix of face paced and still shot, however this can be partially excused due to there being so many battles in one book.

Misbelief or miss belief

Legion Lost has not been that good of a series overall.  It tends to jump around and not explain things clearly.  However, it has had moments now and then.  This issue is one of those good moments.  Superboy may be degrading my confidence in The Culling crossover but, Legion Lost is making me feel a little more confident.  The hanging ending makes you want to see how thing resolve and hopefully it will flow closer to this series than the other prelude series.

Rose in Legion Lost

Bizarro Approved!


Excitement for the event… 1.5 out of 5

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