[Escapade] Silver Chariot ~ Halloween @ Disneyland

Having lived in Boston for a few years, I’ve always missed having my usual Halloween tradition of going to Disneyland and dressing up in costume. My Boston based co-workers always assumed that the only parties worth going to in SoCal (or “Cali” as they call it) were at the Playboy mansion. Living in Boston for a few years didn’t have much in terms of things to do during Halloween. Surely, one could go up to Salem, but it gets too crowded and touristy; it takes away from the appeal. (spoiler: The real action happened in Danvers, MA). Jared, our copy editor, and I haven’t been to Halloween Disneyland since 2012 when we dressed up as Jack Harkness and Sailor Pluto. Because my line of work can get pretty busy in October, we ended up going in late September, a month before the actual Halloween. However, it’s an excuse to dress up and go to Disneyland while there’s not many crowds on the attractions. Jared hates going during the busy season, so it worked out for us.



The Costume


I was very indecisive on what it was I wanted to wear. Even though I have 100+ cosplays to choose from, I wanted something that I can get some nice photos of at respective sites at the park and something practical that I can sustain being in from 3PM to 11PM. After an extensive process of elimination, I ended up wearing Nozomi from Love Live. Love Live is an anime about nine girls who have to save their school from shutting down by becoming pop stars, or “idols” as they call it. The great thing about this anime is that all nine girls have an infinite amount of wardrobe. Thus, a ton of costume options. I went as Nozomi, she’s one of the more popular characters. While I typical go as Nico, I’ve been relating to Nozomi a lot more.


I bought my costume off Ebay. The wig is from Epic Cosplay Wigs – very smooth and doesn’t tangle much at all. The boots are from Bodyline.


And random photos from my camera just because



95+ degree weather at 3PM. 75ish in the evening with 50% humidity. Jared survived in his Dick Tracy cosplay. This is coming from someone who is prone to migraines and fainting spells at conventions.



I don’t expect everyone to “get” what I was dressed up as. Jared kept calling me a “pirate sailor,” save for the nautical decor. Other mistakes were “it’s a ship sailor!,” “Sailor Moon,” among others. Jared got plenty of compliments for his Dick Tracy. All of a sudden, he’s the popular one of the two of us.



So, Jared also cosplays as a Jungle Cruise skipper. This was also part of my mission to get photos of this costume with any boat I can get during daylight.


5 minute wait for Indiana Jones, even waiting from the outside.



“Let the blind guy drive.” Of course the ride kinda-sorta breaks down when you let the visually impaired one drive.


Because period accuracy reasons.


Like Claude Debussy, Jared prefers cats over people – specifically tuxedo cats.


The one photo op that I was waiting for, just in time before sunset.


Yet another anime reference pose on Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy. If anyone watches Osomatsu, you know what this is.


Final Attraction Count

  1. Disney Gallery
  2. Enchanted Tiki Room
  3. Pirates of the Carribean
  4. Big Thunder Mountain
  5. Big Thunder Mountain
  6. Jungle Cruise
  7. Indiana Jones’ Bizarre Adventures
  8. Star Tours
  9. Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy
  10. Finding Nemo
  11. Matterhorn
  12. Haunted Mansion
  13. Winnie the Pooh’s Bizarre Adventures
  14. Splash Mountain
  15. Big Thunder Mountain
  16. Storybookland
  17. Fireworks
  18. Teacups
  19. Matterhorn
  20. Jedi Training Academy
  21. Star Tours
  22. Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy
  23. Indiana Jones’ Bizarre Adventures



“You were expecting Cap’n Rex, but it was me, Threepio!”

“Crowd conditions read Saigon 1975…last helicopter out. Finding alternative route to Tomorrowland.”

“Are you the main with the yellow hat?”

“*Hellfire*” “*DanielBryan_YesChant.mp3*”

“You never told me you liked pineapple!”

“That was not Space Mountain…that was Mass Effect.”

“The continuity in Star Tours makes my brain hurt…but the Jakku and Naboo combination works for Shattered Empire…”

“Gungan Lives Matter”

“And years later, there is still segregation between Gungans and humans on Naboo.”

“How would you put the goat in the script?”

“Reminds me of the fire in the underground mines of Virginia…people call it Silent Hill.” “That’s the movie description!”

“And when we get home, we need to watch Motorcycle the Pooh and Pooh Train.”

“Great, blind leading the blind…”

“Let the blind guy drive.” “BUCKLE UP BUCKAROOS!”

“If they play that song one more time, I’m going to f’ing murder somebody.”

“I hate this song. Hate this song. Hate this song. Hate this song.”

“Remember when I went on this ride when I was young and then I became a bar tender in Boston?”

– Eri Kagami IG: @erikagamisews Tumblr: @erikagamisews

– Eri Kagami
IG: @erikagamisews
Tumblr: @erikagamisews

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