[Escapade] Diamond is Unbreakable ~ PokeDay @ Disneyland

It’s very rare that I attend Disneybound themed events. My weekends are typically busy and I have a mid-tier annual pass. However, with my current annual pass reaching its expiration date and with some hesitation to renew, I decided to try something different. I’ve already been active in the September Disneybound challenge.

The Coord

I picked Dawn / Hikari from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl because she’s one of the first cosplays I made. Granted, it’s not perfect, but Diamond and Pearl is the first Pokemon game I ever played. It kept me busy and it was my favorite way to turn off my brain once I landed a full time job after college. I know I got into the Pokemon games later in my life; I just never had the time to dedicate to the game. I’ve seen the TV series and collected plushes here and there. I picked Dawn because she’s my favorite traveling companion of Ash. She’s a coordinator, not a trainer. A coordinator trains their Pokemon for pageantry and talent competitions. While Pokemon competitions existed in Gen 3, it was very much enhanced in Gen 4..


Dawn was a last minute choice. I thought about going as Piplup, but I have a softer, nostalgic spot for Dawn. I had a fluffy white hat, scarf, pink socks from Baby the Stars Shine bright, a cardigan from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, shoes from Bodyline, and a skirt from Rockin’ Bettie Las Vegas.



The Challenges

For PokeDay, the organizers had a set of challenges in guise of a scavenger hunt. I liked this format because it gave me a different way to experience the park. However, I really didn’t know anyone – I’m kinda new to Disneybound, but not new to the parks. I decided to just do what I can on my own just for fun. This blog post will show what I was able to acquire until the allotted time. I couldn’t really do the first 15 because I forgot to bring my phone charger and I tend to have the AR off because it drains battery. However, I did have my digital camera with me. I also wanted to keep things to one park. While I do have an annual pass, just wanted to keep things simple.




Additionally, I had Otacon help me out at the Scarlet Rhapsody OC base.

Completed most of the mission, Otacon. Did you want me to get Emma something?

Completed most of the mission, Otacon. Did you want me to get Emma something?

16. Land that had the most square footage on opening day – 2 points

I know this because I religiously quote this riff of opening day.


17. Location where Walt’s Opening Day Speech can be heard nonstop – 3 points

This is where my dad taught me what morse code is!


18. Disneyland’s kugel ball – 3 points

Aka – Katamari Damacy


21. Lillian’s Gift to Disneyland – 2 points


22. A structure where you can find cashew and acorn butter – 3 points


Bug – Alice’s Bizarre Adventures – 5 points


Dragon – Castle – 5 points

dsc01185Electric – Toontown Electric Station – 5 points


FaIry – Pixie Hollow – 5 points


Fighting – Muscle Gym in Toon Town – 5 points


Ghost – Haunted Mansion – 5 points


Grass – Tarzan’s Treehouse – 5 points


Fire – Fire Station – 5 points



Ice – Matterhorn – 5 points


Poison – Snow White’s Bizarre Adventures – 5 points


Water – (Oh Hi) Mark Twain – – 5 points


Trainers – New Orleans Train Station – 5 points


Professors – Petrified Tree – 5 points


Team Rocket – 5 points



Everyone’s PokeDay Disneybounds



Final Attraction Count

  1. Jungle Cruise
  2. Tarzan’s Treehouse
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. Haunted Mansion
  5. Big Thunder Mountain
  6. Mark Twain
  7. Carosel
  8. Snow White’s Bizarre Adventures
  9. Alice’s Bizarre Adventures
  10. Matterhorn
  11. Mickey’s Magical Map
  12. Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin
  13. Donald’s Boat
  14. Small World
  15. Soundsational Parade
  16. Matterhorn
  17. Star Wars Launch Bay
  18. Autopia

Links of Interest

Pokeday at Disney

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– Eri Kagami
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