[Hot Shots] Mugen Concept

Point of Contact: Varies

Location: Quebec and some New England

Website:  Mugen Concept

Contact: Facebook page messenger

Rates: For this review, these photoshoots were free. Mugen Concept wrote Anime Expo as a vacation. However, they normally charge for their shoots.

Communication: I found out about Mugen Concept through word of mouth on Facebook. My Love Live group was already working with Mugen Concept for our White Day shoot. Additionally, I also booked a Sailor Mars shoot with them for Anime Expo. Mugen Concept started a Facebook event invite promoting their free photography services. They would have a team of three photographers shooting at Anime Expo. I liked how they had a meet up location designated. However, I’m the type of person that doesn’t really check social media during the con; moreso to save battery than anything else. The best way they communication is via Facebook messenger through their page. This is when I found out our location had changed for our Kongou shoot. However, I also appreciated their flexibility in adding in a second solo shoot with them at Anime Expo for Kongou since one of the photographers was a huge Kantai Collection fan.

Service: Very flexible. We originally agreed to do White Day on Day 2 and Super Sailor Mars on Day 3. We actually got some nice shots of our White Day group on the stairs of the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was technically a forbidden zone, so we kinda had to sneak in some shots there. We also were given individual shots as well. Our Day 2 photographer was very efficient in handling the large number of angelic idols. Likewise, Anime Expo can be funky when it comes to picking out locations as most places can be crowded. For my Super Sailor Mars, we went to this side of West Hall that was not utilized as much kinda giving a PGSM / Super Sentai vibe to the photos. They did mention they had more openings on Day 4 and were very accommodating to book my Kongou shoot right there and then. I really enjoyed working with two of the three photographers at Mugen Concept. I appreciate the consistent communication during the convention.

Turn Around: The photographers said to wait about 3-4 weeks. After all, they had to travel back to Quebec and focus on upcoming cons and other blacklog. Totally understandable. I believe I received the images in about two weeks; much quicker than I had anticipated. They don’t notify you when they’re posted. All photos are in general Anime Expo folders organized by categories. However, it was worth browsing through all the images to get to mine. I love looking at their work and I hope to work with them again whether it be at Anime Expo, a visit to Canada, or Anime Boston.

Top 8 Photos

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