[Escapade] Hierophant Green ~ Season of the Force

So one day after work, I decided to take my low tier annual pass to Disneyland. I had a half day and I had plenty of time to kill on a January weekday. Also, Season of the Force was in full force (no pun intended).


The Disneybound


This is my second time Disneybounding. I’m still working on coordinating. I decided to go as Disgust from Inside Out. I had the dress from Pinup Girl Clothing from a sale from the last Christmas. The scarf was something I had in my stock for years. The boots are from Bodyline, but they were a pain to walk in. This has nothing to do with Star Wars, but Disgust is my main driving emotion.


I often get identified as Joy, but Disgust fits in my attitude thinking everyone is basic.


Star Wars Season of the Force


So the first time since 1998 or so, Tomorrowland gets a (temporary) makeover. In this case, to tie in with the hype of Episode 7, Tomorrowland had plenty of temporary additions between November ’15 to ‘September ’16. As you entered in Tomorrowland, the familiar John Williams score played. Banners depicting characters from everything Star Wars donned in Tomorrowland public spaces. I was quite happy that the animated series, Clone Wars and Rebels were represented – they don’t get as much love or attention as the main movies. Additionally, there were a few collectible popcorn buckets throughout Season of the Force.


Additionally, Star Tours also gets Jakku as part of the destination list. You also get Finn and BB8 in the mix.


Star Wars Launch Bay

So in the building where Innovations used to be, it’s turned into a gallery of various costumes and replicas from the Star Wars saga. Additionally, you can also do meet and greets with various characters.

During the time I went, this was also the last time Disney had Super Hero HQ available. This was the only time I was able to see it. It left with very little warning. I should also note, shortly after Super Hero HQ moved out, it’s when California Adventure started bringing in more Marvel into Hollywoodland.

Hyperspace Mountain

Remember that abandoned star destroyer on Jakku? Apparently, that has backstory! Claudia Grey’s Lost Stars goes into detail as to why the ship crashed. It’s a horribly written book that shoves an unnecessary star crossed lovers plotline into the star destroyer’s demise. Thankfully, Hyperspace Mountain ignores this continuity. Essentially, it’s the same track and flow as the original Space Mountain, but like Ghost Galaxy, new projects and music are added to give it a Star Wars theme. The premise of Hyperspace Mountain is to take down the star destroyer that will inevitably crash land on Jakku. What I liked best about Hyperspace Mountain is how sound is placed through the experience. You actually do feel like you’re being chased by a tie fighter and it really does feel like a genuine Star Wars attraction. Too bad this is temporary. I love the original Space Mountain and I don’t mind Hyperspace Mountain coming back every now and then whenever Disney wants to milk this franchise.


Also, Hyperspace Mountain is superior to Lost Stars.


And a few more photos from this particular visit

Final Attraction Count

  1. Star Tours
  2. Star Wars Launch Bay
  3. Super Hero HQ
  4. Matterhorn Bobsleds
  5. Storybookland Canal Boats
  6. Pinochio’s Daring Journey
  7. Snow White’s Scary Adventures
  8. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  9. Frozen @ Fantasyland Theatre
  10. Newsboys
  11. Radiator Springs Racers
  12. Voyage of the Little Mermaid
  13. California Screamin’
  14. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  15. Pixar Pals Parade
  16. Hyperspace Mountain
  17. Monorail
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– Eri Kagami
IG: erikagamisews
Tumblr: erikagamisews

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