[Bizarro Files #15] Nerds of the Zodiac



Topics of Discussion

+ Pimp Your Stuff – Robopocalypse, Kubrick films, and Carbon Grey Kickstarter

+ Pimp Your Stuff – New additions to Scarlet Rhapsody!

+ Pimp Your Stuff – New Plastic Joint! And Soundwave!

+ Pimp Your Stuff – Sportscast and New Comics!

+ The nerd zodiac – What nerd year were YOU born under?

+ The Razzies results! Congratulations(?) Adam Sandler.

+ Would you like to see Toonami return? What would you like to watch?


On Air Talent

Jared, Andrea, Ramses (sound engineer), Stan, Vicky (Producer), Deb


Links of Interest

+ Official Carbon Grey volume 2 Kickstarter campaign

+ BizWorld of Sports episode 1!

+ 32nd annual Razzie Awards results


Additional Credits

“Kill Chorus” by Andrew Espejo

“Ravishing” by Bonnie Raitt

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