[HotShots] Shelley Cosplay and Photography

Point of Contact: Shelley

Location: New England area (willing to travel to east coast cons)

Website: Shelley Cosplay and Photography

Contact: Send a PM on the Facebook page

Rates: Free

Communication: Easy to book a schedule. She will ask for a cosplay schedule up front. I don’t usually have everything finalized until a few weeks before the con (as things may happen). It was easy to find her at Anime Boston. We had originally scheduled something for Katsucon prior, but since the two of us had crazy travel schedules, it did not work out in the end (both of us were going back to the same airport during a snowstorm). However, getting a hold of her once she announces open slots for upcoming cons is the best way to get a hold of her.

Service: It was easy to find her at Anime Boston. We shot outside of Hynes. I love doing shoots at the Christian Science Center across the street. While it was hella windy that day, Shelley was able to work with it. She was very friendly and down to earth.

Turn Around: Shelley works full time outside of cosplay photography. While it did take a while to process and post photos, it was well worth the wait. I really love my Mistress Nine photo we took at Copley; it’s almost you can still see some of Hotaru’s humanity left in the Anti-Christ. I look forward working with her again!

Favorite Photos

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