[Bizarro Files #0] Dinosaurs Ate My Neighbors

We are gathered here today for o take part in the most time-honored celebration of the human family




Originally a Geek FM bonus episode, File #0 featured Ernie and Jesse as interview guests. What was supposed to be a bonus interview for Geek FM’s Fireside Chat series, it turned into Jared  nerding out with the podcast duo. Post-show, we decided this would be the preferred format if Jared were ever to run his own podcast show.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is File #0, the one that started it all.

Topics of Discussion
+ ‘Sup Ernie and Jesse?
+ Dinosaurs are awesome
+ Bill Nye vs. Beakman’s World
+ Podcasting woes
+ What do you want on your tombstone?
+ Time travel
+ Bear crossings
+ Nerdgasm happens
+ Street Sharks
+ Mac Tonight!


On Air Talent

Jared, Ernie, Jesse, Vicky (sound engineer)


Links of Interest
+ Ernie and Jesse


Additional Credits

“Kill Chorus” by Andrew Espejo

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