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The holidays are upon us. There are those of us who wish to participate in the gift giving aspect in the spirit of the season. I’ve always been the type of person that aims to get a loved one something with thought whether it’s made or if it’s bought. Truthfully, I do my holiday shopping year round – you never know where your travels may take you and what you might find at a con’s artist alley. Like any other cosplayer with a social media newsfeed – through the year I see articles critiquing lack of female heroes. My colleagues, Chocolate Covered Cosplay, shared an article that listed the top 10 black female heroines over the summer. They mentioned they were familiar with Storm, but other heroines mentioned seemed esoteric or not as widely known. Believe it or not, heroines often times get pushed back to spotlight the more popular characters. It’s easy to identify certain characters because they are in the spotlight and highlighted in merchandise and heavy marketing. We might know who Black Widow is through the movies, but do we know about Dazzler and Misty Knight?

This holiday season if you have a loved one who is into nerd culture – give the gift of comics! I do admit, I’m still learning all my X-Men and the different continuities, but it’s a start. The world of comic heroes and heroines can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You can help them start navigating the world of lesser talked about heroines and maybe they’ll find a new role model or a new cosplay for 2015.


Here’s what you do.

Think of a heroine that your special someone might like – maybe there’s something that reminds you of them – the way they look, personality quirks, similar life goals, etc. Find out if they have a book or a trade paper back (or “TPB”) available – likewise, check out if the book has any positive reviews. The last thing you want to support are bad writers who can’t write heroines. Shop online or at your local comic book store for the book. Also, write a personalized card as to why you picked out the book and heroine for your giftee.

This way, we as a geek community, support and promote heroines and the writers and companies that do!



Some random ideas to get you started (now with Amazon links)

Birds of Prey by Gail Simone – this is a no brainer

Zatanna by Paul Dini – a magical girl in the DC universe, trust anything written by Paul Dini

Bloodspell by Paul Dini – Zatanna and Black Canary team up

She Hulk by Charles Soule – sadly, this series has been cancelled, but it’s had a great run! Show some love by buying this for a loved one! (great gift for friends going into law or have been law students!)

Essential Dazzler by Chris Claremont –  this is out of print and only can be found used, for the heroine that loves the 80s and a super star wannabe

Fearless Defenders by Cullen Bunn – why doesn’t anyone cosplay from this? team of heroines (tons of diversity!) just wreck shit up, great series

Young Avengers by Kieron Gillan – it’s more of an ensemble piece, but you do get to meet Miss America…even the rest of the cast is fun to follow!

Miss Marvel

Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue Deconnick

Black Widow by Nathan Edmondson

Cinderella by Chris Roberson

Madame Mirage by Paul Dini

Card Captor Sakura by Clamp – okay, it’s manga, but if you have a little one who wants something frilly and girly, but teaches some great lessons in confidence and finding your inner strength, this is a good one to read to them!

And there’s plenty more out there! Give these strong female characters the love that they deserve! (and the artists and authors some love!) Did I miss anything? Share them in the comments!


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