[ScarletExplains] Headless Governor’s Golden Age Cosplay Nudes Found in Sewage


The Golden Age

By the time this is posted, the click bait article that talked about some “Golden Age of Cosplay” is already yesterday’s news. We’ve probably moved way behind it. Articles and infamous actions often come and go. They are heavily discussed when the topic is hot and then we go about our business the next day. This article is not about a critique on the original posted article on the article mentioned above. This more has to do with the obsession of cosplay celebrity wherein Facebook has turned into the social media equivalent of TMZ.

Even at a young age, I’m not fond of celebrity gossip. It’s gossip that does not effect me in how I live by day to day life. Just because one article spins off that cosplay is one way or should be done a certain way, well, that’s just one person’s opinion. I have my set of standards and my way of enjoying my hobby. We’re giving these clickbaits and attention shills more fame than they deserve. It’s sad when I see more shares and more discussion when some unknown cosplayer wants breast augmentation, but other good causes get swept aside.

While, I’m one to talk. In previous editorials I talked about the downside of e-fame and hunt for likes and followers. Just for the past several months, I’ve grown jaded to what a popular cosplayer says or does (unless they clearly break some violation at a con). Often times, it will be brought to my attention and I’ll be asked how I feel about it. In all honesty, I just want to stay away from community drama and just do my own thing. The more attention we give to the things we say we don’t care for, the more power you give them. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, either way, you’re giving them attention and energy that could be put to something else…like a new cosplay or plotting out travel budget for 2015!

The next time you see an article trying to be edgy about your hobby, it’s best to ignore it. If you really don’t care for certain cosplayers (not all of us get along and that’s a harsh truth) and they’re doing nothing effect your day to day life, then think twice before you click the “share” link. Years into the cosplay hobby, I find that trainwrecks get more views than anything else (sad to say). It’s best not to give these articles and authors the bait. Rather than ranting and sharing how “wrong” an author or an interview is, focus on how you can be positive influence on your local cosplay community – whatever and however you define community.

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