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Eri Kagami

Presenting panels since Anime Central 2001 at the humble age of 16, Eri enjoys public speaking and teaching. As a veteran to the anime con scene (first con was back at Anime Expo 1999!), Scarlet has seen the changes in fandom and convention culture. Growing up with the convention scene, Scarlet feels the need the educate the kids on old school anime and create open discussion forums on nostalgia anime for the 90s kids that keep coming back. She is very much well known for “Moon Prism Poptarts.” She was inspired by the nostalgia towards Robotech by veteran otaku at RT25 that she wanted to create something similar for Sailor Moon. Thus, Moon Prism Poptarts was created to celebrate the first step into otakudom for many 90s kids.

In her professional life, she has presented at academic conferences in Anaheim, Colorado Springs, and Salt Lake City and also oversees a professional development series for those her field. Scarlet thanks her experience as a panelist and presenter at anime conventions for this opportunity.

Eri served as the “Cosplay Sensei” in the New England Cosplay Community Board of Directors when she was living in Boston. She has also staffed and volunteered for Anime Expo, Mikomi Con, and Anime Vegas. She has also judged cosplay contests for smaller, local events.


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An award winning public speaker and writer, Jared comes from academia. He has a a cerebral approach to fandom. Having been a Master of Ceremonies for small cosplay events in Los Angeles and a veteran to the anime con scene, Jared has been professionally trained by revered orators of Chapman University. He is well versed in radio – now the current talent and voice of Scarlet Rhapsody podcasts – and also an award winning anime music video editor. He is best known for “Goldenpants: Based on a True Story.”

Jared got his start doing panels at Anime Los Angeles 2009 when he did his “Horror and Thriller Anime” panel. He currently presents on Lupin III, classic anime, and moderating convention horror stories oriented discussion panels. He has also served as a consultant for the SPJA and has volunteered with PMX’s cosplay mini events. He has been known the “Resident Senpai” and “New England Giovanni” of the New England Cosplay Community Board of Directors.

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