[See Scarlet Sew] Azusa Miura (Cute and Girly)


Azusa Miura – iDolm@ster – Cute and Girly

Last minute cosplay for Anime Boston! So, my friend Hanyaan from Angel Hearts Cosplay was asking me when I was planning to do the Cute and Girly variation. I figured it would be an easy project to do. Well, it pretty much is.

I already had fabric for the choker. Azusa wears a gold choker with gold square. This was a donation from my former supervisor when I volunteered to take some remnants from her.

The faux fur is actually craft fur from Michael’s. I bought a few packs of them because I also need them for my Winterpop project. I cut two rectangular pieces and just hand stitched them onto the main collar.


I used Butterick 5322 for the bodice. I originally used this pattern for my Captain America USO girl, but I elongated the front piece by 12 inches. The tails are from a coat pattern. I just used the coat tail pattern and edited it to have pointed ends. The coat tail is double layered so there are no weird hems or frays. The bodice is lined with remanants – mostly cotton and thinner white satin.

The buttons are from the Zatanna bodice attempt #2 (I haven’t made a bodice I’m happy with yet). Considering I probably won’t be Zatanna for a while, I decided to remove the buttons and use them for Azusa Miura.

I did make the skirt, but I might make the mini skirt again only because it came out too short. Though the tails will cover my butt, I’ll stick with my three inches above the knee rule. I’m comfortable showing off leg, but rather I keep it modest than to keep it to anime girl proportions.


I already have gloves and boots. The wig already exists. That’s why I love cosplaying from IDolm@ster – don’t have to worry about buying another wig! This is set to debut at Anime Boston 2013. I’ll probably wear this one at Connecticon 2013 since it’s very summer friendly.

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