[See Scarlet Sew] Ritsuko (Meruhen Maid)


Ritsuko – iDolm@ster: Meruhen Maid

Almost done with this commission! This is a birthday commission for a friend. While I do have Azusa version done a while back, I thought about making her a matching outfit to go with my Azusa. She had a birthday in the summer, so I decided to make her Ritsuko. The fabric was found at one of my favorite stores in the LA Fashion District, Kashcool’s. Ritsuko has a nice  forest green associated with her character. The problem was, I did not buy as much. Luckily, Deb came to the rescue and found similar polycotton at M and L’s.

Basically, I custom made a circle skirt. The blouse was from one of Simplicity’s Leg Avenue wannabe patterns. I custom made the collar piece and the cuffs. As you can see, I need to add another cuff. The interfacing is much thicker here than on mine, but it has a nice touch to it. All I need is to add the buttons, final cuff, and zipper and this dress is set.

The next step is to make the apron and the headband. I found a headband tutorial on cosplay.com that I plan to use. I just need the right kind of lace suitable for maids.

Hopefully, this will be done before CT Con! The fabric is light enough that it can endure summer heat.

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