[See Scarlet Sew] Meowstic (female)


Meowstic (1920s style)

So, as a Pokemon XY addict, I immediately fell in love with Meowstic. I have a soft spot for cat based Pokemon. I’ve already done two versions of Gijinka Persian. I decided to go forward with Gijinka Meowstic. What I love about Gijinka cosplay is that you have full creativity to design something completely your own.

Because I love early 20th century fashion so much, I decided to go for a 1920s type of theme. I picked up Vogue 8948 as my base pattern.The fabric is all from the LA Fashion District – the hole in the wall that sells heavy duty satin. I always use the “wrong” side of the heavy duty for the right side. This is the same satin I use for Sailor Senshi things when I’m not using casa satin.


I just had about enough fabric to also double layer everything. Three yards did the trick. The pattern is really easy to follow. The only part I really had a huge challenge with is the bottom flounce. Putting all that together from the main dress was like a war zone – tons of pining and evening things out!


The dress alone won’t do for Meowstic. I picked up opera length blue gloves. I have a pair of blue tights (also used for Winterpop). I am creating a fur collar (but need the right kind of blue fur…quite picky…). A head band with feathers is also being used. Gothic Lolita Wigs has a really nice white curly bob to go for the 1920s theme. I haven’t decided what to do for the ears and the tail…

There’s a lot more work to get done before Katsucon 2014! Let’s do this! Probably plotting on wearing this to the ballroom dance on Friday night or the Pokemon meet up…but with the popularity of XY, there’s bound to be a ton of Pokemon cosplayers at Katsucon!


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