[Hot Shots] Droo Photographer

Point of Contact
: Andrew (Droo)

Location: Canada, Katsucon

Website: Droo Photographer

Contact: The Facebook page has a good idea of when and where he will be shooting.

Rates: Free. Raw photos are available on a disc for an additional fee.

Communication: Droo posted that he was going to do a photo studio set up in the dealers hall at Katsucon on his Facebook page. I normally follow his social media to get these updates. However, I first heard about Droo when I was wandering Katsucon without having a photographer at the con. I’ve attended Katsucon between 2013 to 2015 and I’ve always managed to have a photoshoot with Droo in the dealers hall.

Service: First come, first served. I usually go in during the early part of the day when it’s not too busy – night time is also fairly light as well. The nice thing about the small set up is that there are chairs; it’s a nice place to relax even after wandering around Katsucon for so long .Droo takes his time with each subject. He does give a lot of different posing ideas based on the character you are cosplaying as. He does spend a considerable amount of time with each group to get quality shots. Hence, why waiting can be a while. You do get one free photo that will be posted on his Facebook page. However, if you are interested in purchasing all the photos, they are available at an additional fee. Photos will be burned onto a CD for at-con pick up. If you have time during Katsucon or any other event Droo will attend his services, it’s worth the wait.

Turn Around: Pretty fast. I usually check all pertinent social media coverage of the con about a week or so after. Droo gets at least one shot of your cosplay in the gallery.

Favorite Photos

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