[HotShots] Marmalade Sky Photography

Point of Contact: Kristine

Location: New England (but willing to travel to MidAtlantic)

Website: Marmalade Sky Photography

Contact: Send a PM on her Facebook page

Rates: Depends on the event. Community events are typically free, but there may be a charge for major conventions

Communication: A simple message on Facebook would be fine. Be sure to text her at the convention if you have a shoot. There has only been one time when she had two shoots conflict with one another, but she will be definitely get your photos.

Service: Easy to work with. Kristine takes a ton of photos and she’s willing to try out different locations. My favorite was the snow photoshoot at Smith College when we did the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency shoot. There was an incoming snow storm and she was brave enough to face the cold!

Turn Around: Hella fast! I would say one to two weeks after an event. Kristine does take a lot of photos at cons. Not only she does photoshoots, she also likes to take pictures of everyone. You’re guaranteed to see your photos asap!

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