[Editorial] Re: How to Cosplay Like a Pro


Okay, I need to point out few things regarding this article (How to Cosplay Like a Pro):

Research Your Character – Author uses E3 as primary example and makes the point that appealing to industry members are top priority of cosplay. BULLSHIT! First of all, E3 is not a cosplay convention. It’s an industry convention where companies showcase their products. That’s like saying someone should cosplay Speed Racer at LA Auto Show, which would be just awkward. You cosplay for fun, not to impress some schmucks working at Mad Katz

Act the Part – believe it or not, not many people actually act like their characters. The only time that notion is even applicable is during the photoshoot. Of course if you’re brooding character, you have to have facial expression to fit the character. But after the photoshoot, it’s free-game. No matter what characters we cosplay, me and my friends always wind up acting like dorks. Most people don’t care whether you play the character or not really, and why bother too when you’re gonna giggle like high school girls and fawn over your favorite series anyways.

Be Ready for Attention – This part should’ve been renamed ‘Do it because you love the fandom, BUT prepare for attention’. Why bother cosplay if you don’t love the series? If you cosplay solely for attention, Quit. That’s the best advice anyone can give you. This hobby has no room for primadonnas who has no other goals than attention from strangers. We cosplayers forge our bond over series we love, we could care less how good or bad they look in their cosplay. I’ve made lot of friends over love of Tokusatsu and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and not once did I care about how they looked. Yes, attention will come to you if your costume is awesome. But that should never be the ONLY REASON for cosplay.

TLDR; This article does not reflect all cosplayers and what cosplay really stands for.

– Stan

stan @ scarlet-rhapsody.com

Stan is also Editor in Chief at Plastic Ronins

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