Costuming Rules


1. You do this for fun. When it stops being fun, find out what changed and go back to it.

2. Be gracious. Everything you say and do is being watched…. And a lot of times, emulated.

3. You cannot control who takes pictures of you, but if you make friends with photographers, they will most likely accommodate what you want and do not want.

4. Don’t ruin your health. Stay hydrated. Don’t starve yourself. A lot of costumers suffer for their art, but it does no good passing out.

5. If you are sick stay home. No one wants to costume with Patient Zero. There will be other times.

6. Get a handler. They can hold items, protect you, watch your costume and how others are around you. Be that for them when there is an opportunity.

7. Be aware of your environment. Don’t wear an inappropriate costume to the wrong place.

8. When the con starts, it is pencils down. No more working on costumes until after the con. You are there to socialize.

9. You have no idea of the power of a kind word. Give them freely.

10. You have no idea of the implications of a harsh word. Hold them back and only mention them in private trusted company.

11. If you wish you were costuming every day of your life, consider a career in costume design/acting/modeling. Otherwise remember there is life outside of costuming.

12. Don’t change who you are. You will want to fit in with some people. You’ll find people that will appreciate you for who you are and you them. Be patient.


– Originally posted on Facebook by Robert Gregg Barker, an awesome Imperial guy and veteran costumer.

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