Top 5 Biggest “Con Oops!” of 2011

We go to a lot of different events through the year. However, every once in a while, we get made the fool by silly things that have happened. Here are our most embarrassing memories of 2011.

5. Fanime Con 2011: Better Music Across the Street

I pity the fool that doesn't dance to this song!

…as composed and performed by Usher Terry Raymond IV. This year’s Black and White ball was a hot mess compared to previous years. The floor had routine checks and endless demos that interrupted the flow of the ballroom dance. Even in the report, we critiqued that the demos had better music than the actual dance setlist. The dance lost all credibility as a ball once a midi version of “Thriller” was playing to pass off as a samba. What we learned after the con was that Usher was playing at the HP Pavilion during the same night as the Black and White Ball. Though Usher has no marriage to anime or Japanese culture, we knew that the music at the concert was far better (and danceable) than the black and white travesty. Fanime’s 2012 Ball better make us dance like it’s the last night of our lives. DJ, make us fall in love with the ballroom dance again.

4. Anime Conji 2011: Geek FM Live (…or Dead?)

Will someone PLEASE think of the platypus?!

At Anime Expo this year, we were asked by Anime Conji staff if we were planning on doing another live podcast for Conji 2012. Conji staff thought the show brought in laughter and entertainment to wrap up the convention. Well, the whole live show did not go exactly as planned. TL / DR: Creative Differences.  You can listen to the  live show here. However, Scarlet Rhapsody will be producing a new podcast with a new team soon. Stay tuned for our pilot!

3. Anime Expo 2011: Master Etna Commands It, Dude

Missed opportunities. (photo courtesy of A List Daily)

Anime Expo is often known for having a plethora of dealers selling rare and hard to find anime goods. Vicky was able to find Pretty Cure plushies. Deb was able to collect a few discounted cosplay wigs. However, Jared really coveted this gem from the NIS booth. The NIS booth always has awesome Disgaea swag. This year, the most popular item was the Prinny newsboy hat. By Day 4, plenty of the Anime Expo regulars were wearing the penguin hat. When Jared entered the dealer’s hall on Day 4, the hats were already sold out. Lesson learned? If there’s something in the dealer’s hall you really, really want, get it while it’s hot. Or, you can always wait for online sales.

2. Pacific Media Expo 2011: I Will Survive
The best things at conventions are often accidental and unplanned. For many who attend PMX, karaoke is a huge part of the nightlife. Attendees can spend their Friday and Saturday evenings here. Our media assistant, Deb, decided to sing the 90s love ballad , “Ghost of You and Me.” However, the karaoke cd entered was the wrong one. It ended up playing everyone’s favorite break out belt out, Donna Summer’s “I Will Survive.” That’s when the entire karaoke room turned into a disco. Deb was joined by random ladies in the audience singing the classic dance tune.

1. Bent Con 2011: Jack Harkness at Cosplay Runaway


 Nothing makes you feel cooler by taking a microphone to the face in front an audience while dressed up as everyone’s favorite omnisexual hero.  Our site’s anime reviewer took the whole accident with good humor, despite not wearing his glasses.

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