[SoCal ConCom] Sailor Moon Eternal Watch Party

After over 20 years of anticipation, Moonies have been longing to see an anime adaptation of the Dream Arc of the Sailor Moon manga. Even when I was presenting my Moon Prism Poptarts panel, this is one of the storylines from the manga I would have loved to have seen animated. With 10 chapters of manga story, we were given the Dream Arc in two 80 minute movies – “Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1” and “Sailor Moon Eternal Part 2.” Both movies were screened in Japan earlier this year. The films eventually released on Netflix on June 3.

The Sailor Moon LA group held a small, but festive gathering of Moonies at the Dave and Busters in the Bloc of Orange. Sailor Moon LA was given private party space. About 20 or so Moonies attended to dine, mingle, play games, cosplay, and collectively enjoy both Sailor Moon Eternal Movies back to back. At the time of the meet up, we were at a 43% nationwide vaccinated rate. Masks were still mandatory Both Sailor Moon Eternal movies were not given a theatrical release.

We were served Italian food. The food was very filling.

Before the movie, we played a few Sailor Moon themed Jackbox games. I was primarily focused on dinner, but I was quite amused at some of the answers given.

It wouldn’t be a Sailor Moon event without cosplayers. I cosplayed as Sailor Pluto / Setsuna in the Q-Pot crossover art where the Sailor Senshi are wearing retro inspired dresses. I figured this would be cozy and comfy for a low key Sailor Moon screening.

Both movies were played back to back. Moonies were very hyped to see their favorites on screen. A few of us wondered if certain themes and concepts had aged well. However, the art was very pretty to look at. It was nice to see the manga’s strongest and prettiest artwork translate to the celluloid screen. While Moonies may know what I am referencing, I don’t want to give too much away. Both Sailor Moon Eternal movies are amazing if you are a longtime fan of the series. Enjoy it for the ride. If you do have some curiosity and have a good idea of what Sailor Moon is all about, the Sailor Moon Eternal movies are worth checking out.

Of course, there was debate if we preferred either the Eternal adaptation of the SuperS adaptation. Both versions have strong points and turn in completely different directions. I don’t have preference to either or. However, I do prefer the “Freaky Friday” episode of the SuperS adaptation.

The night ended with selfies with friends, photos, and reminiscing about going to anime conventions. For many of us. Anime Los Angeles 2019 was the last con before lockdown. Hopefully soon, things will be better as more people will be vaccinated so we can be together again.

Thank you, Alyssa for hosting this event! This was my first Sailor Moon LA event. I hope to attend many more in the future!

Now…can someone point me to the Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash fan screening party?

Written by Scarlet Aznable
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