[SoCal ConCom] Tsun Scoops Grand Opening

Delish! Tsun Scoops joins Roasting Water in Garden Grove’s list of places for weeb foodies to check out.

Tsun Scoops is a brand new ice cream shop in Garden Grove, California. Right off the 22 freeway on Brookhurst, Tsun Scoops is easy to get to. If you’re a local to North Orange County, it might be your new to-go place for something sweet. Tsun Scoops serves a dozen anime inspired ice cream flavors. They also have a few selfie walls and merchandise of their store’s mascots. Tsun Scoops opening on Saturday, May 22, 2021.

We’ve been pretty quiet about event reports lately due to the pandemic. In-person nerd events have been rightfully postponed to flatten the curve. As of this writing, vaccines in the United States have been widely distributed with about 40% of the population fully vaccinated. It has been over a year since the start of lockdown. This event drew in locals from the OC to check out this new place.

Of course, cosplay was very much welcomed! Cosplayers received a free good bag if they came in costume or something cosplay-inspired. We ended up cosplaying as Gilgamesh from Fate and Haruk from the iDolm@ster – casual enough to do the cross town drive and to enjoy a few hours with our people.

There were also Itasha cars parked out front. It was pretty neat to see cars decked out with people’s waifus and fandom. I really think that the Itasha scene is a huge part of the SoCal weeb community. It’s almost like every event has to have an Itasha presence. Because of our car culture in SoCal, you know you’ve parked at the right place when you start seeing the anime peekers on people’s cars.

The event also featured Maid Academy Cafe that provided karaoke and photo ops. They were dressed in the flavours featured at Tsun Scoops.

This event also had Flautist Acacia who provided anime tunes while people waited in line. Because this event drew a huge turnout, we waited about two hours before we reached the entrance. Flautist Acacia did an amazing job providing entertainment. She also took requests from guests!

Overall, this event was fairly well run. The ice cream was pretty good – if I’m ever in Garden Grove, I will definitely stop by. After all, I do have frequent visitor rewards card. How did the ice cream taste like? You can find out more by watching Jared the Greek’s tasty take on it here:

For more information about Tsun Scoops, you can visit them here.

Written by Scarlet Aznable
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