[My Fair Lady] Retro Cute ~ International Lolita Day Los Angeles

I haven’t done an International Lolita Day community event since 2014 in Boston. I’m not much into the Lolita scene as much as I used to be in Boston. Most Lolita events I attend in Southern California are the Disneyland meet ups and the occasional tea party hosted by fashion designers. When I found out that the Los Angeles Lolita community was hosting a retro themed event in June, I had to check it out! The event took place at Frisco’s Carhops Dinner, a throwback eatery in the City of Industry. Setting my anxiety aside, I decided to purchase a ticket off a friend and cruise my way to ILD 2019.


The Coord

I wore Ichigo Miko’s Poetry on the River Seine. While I do have a few pinup pieces from Vixen and Unique Vintage that could pass for Lolita, especially fo the theme, I wanted to keep it to my Lolita pretties. It’s not very often I get to wear Lolita fashion, and I appreciate any opportunity to rock my frills.

The wig is a Diana from Epic Cosplay. The boater hat is from a thrift store find. The navy hair accessory is a custom made when I was a friend’s bridesmaid. The shoes are from Amazon. The bag is from Besame Cosmetics. I got plenty of questions as to where I got my polymer Princess Serenity necklace from La Petite Deco

The Dinner

I never would have expected that this kitschy throwback dinner would be in this part of the City of Industry – right down the street where Back to the Future’s mall scenes were filmed! Surrounded by Chinese businesses and big box stores, it’s not what I’m used to seeing whenever I go out for International Lolita Day. However, once you went through the doors, you can see the vivid hot pink, checkered decor, cadillac themed booths, and you can see why this was perfect for International Lolita Day.

For food, ticket prices included burger and fries, a soda, and a milkshake. Milkshakes were the perfect pair for selfies! Guests of ILD were given treats such as popcorn, commemorative pins, and cookie pops!

There was even a raffle hosted by the organizers. Everyone got two free tickets when they entered in. More tickets could be purchased at an additional cost for $2 a piece. Raffle ticket sales would go to the Downtown Women’s Shelter. There were a ton of amazing raffle prizes. A full listing of sponsors can be seen here.


Everyone’s Coords 

I liked how everyone had their own interpretation to retro. I kept it to a simple 1940s inspired look as my daily aesthetic is more Art Deco. Gals had prints that showed dessert treats, dinner treats, and more.

If I took a photo of you at this event, by all means, download and share it on your socials!



I liked that the LA Lolita community came up with an idea that was outside the box. While I’m always down for afternoon tea or a visit to a museum, I liked going to a restaurant I wouldn’t have thought of going to. Even though I’m more deep into the Los Angeles pinup scene than I am with the LA Lolita scene, this is some place I would like to check out again. The food was great and very filling. It kept me full for the whole day without making me feel bloated in my dress!

Thank you, LA Lolita’s for organizing Summer ILD 2019. Schedule pending, I might show up for Winter ILD 2019. Keep up the amazing work and hope to run into some of you at Anime Expo!

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