[Unlimited Bound Works] Adventureland Day ’19: Cross Union

This is the second Adventureland Day! My my, has it grown! Adventureland Day is easily in my top three favorite unofficial Disney dress up days. Fans of Disneyland’s Adventureland showed up in droves of pith hats and khaki ready to explore. The turnout was at least three times the size of last year’s Adventureland Day. We kept close to their social media feed for about a year to see what this year’s festivities will bring. Adventureland Day is celebrated on both coasts. Disneyland’s Adventureland might be smaller compared to WDW’s, but it is definitely the original. Get your pith on, it’s Kungaloosh time!


Unlimited Bound Works: The Outfits

For Adventureland Day, Unlimited Bound Works decided to represent the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (SEA). Jared went as Dr. Albert Falls, the owner of the Jungle Navigation Company and I went as Mary Oceaneer.


Eri Kagami

For Mary Oceaneer, I took a dress that I bought from Unique Vintage a few years ago. While khaki and pith is all the rage, people tend to forget the nautical side of adventure. Mary Oceaneer represents nautical exploration. As an aficionado of maritime history, this was the obvious choice for an Adventureland Day bound.

The jacket and hat are from a Nozomi Tojo cosplay. I wore this to the park during Mickey’s Halloween Party a few years ago. I wanted to add more to my Mary Oceaneer bound.

The wig is from Epic Cosplay. A lot of people thought it was my real hair.


Jared the Greek

Jared’s favorite Disney attraction is the Jungle Cruise. For Dr. Albert Falls, he wanted to do a much more scholarly interpretation of the founder and owner of the Jungle Navigation Company. If Dr. Falls were speaking at a Ted Talk, what would he wear? Jared’s pith helmet is true vintage, a gift from his grandpa. The other pieces of clothes were all found items in the closet.


The Outfits


Adventureland Day Shenanigans 

We were running a little late, but we were able to make it to the first group photo. The first activity of the day was the Jungle Cruise. Mary Oceaeer and Dr. Albert Falls were delighted for this ride takeover. We must have filled up several boats for the Jungle Cruise! We also had in our company former and current Jungle Cruise skippers – a few cast members took the day off to do this event. Our Jungle Cruise skipper, Tye, added in a few new puns and jokes. Most people at Adventureland Day knew the original script of the Jungle Cruise by heart, this skipper went above and beyond to create new jokes to entertain us veterans!

Unfortunately, my hat fell off during the cruise. Thankfully, it fell during the first part of the boat ride – the African rainforest. I was taking a selfie and I turned my head and my hat fell off my head! My captain’s hat was floating along the Jungle Cruise! Thankfully, Tye’s jokes kept my mind at ease so I wasn’t completely distraught. I notified a cast member at the end of the cruise. Luckily, a skipper did see it and a boat was sent out to retrieve it. I have to commend the cast members who went above and beyond to retrieve my hat. So much so, I went to City Hall at the end of the day to commend the Jungle Cruise skippers. Thank you for your service!

Following the Jungle Cruise, we had a quick snack over at the new Tropical Hideaway.

The next thing was the Tiki Room. Jared made commentary that the Dole plantation history lecture at the start of the show needed to be updated with Moana and Maui talking about the tasty treat. The first show was already full of Adventurelanders. Our group was waiting for the next show. Once we go into the show building, we were encouraged to sing along with the birds – sing like the birdies sing (but leave the live tweeting aside). It’s always fun going on this attraction with a group of people who are really into it.

We had the scavenger hunt up next. We were given four locations to decipher. From those four locations in the parks, we would be lead to a penultimate location where we would find the tiki treasure. We even had some winners announced for the outfit contest! Many thanks to Tiki Tony and the Adventureland Day organizers for the spiffy prizes.

While killing time for the next ride meet up, a group of us went on the Mark Twain. Tiana was also aboard the floating wedding cake!

To kill even more time before Indiana Jones’ Bizarre Adventures, we went to the Bengal BBQ. They had a new drink available, the piranha lemonade slushy. While ordering our libations, Indiana Jones’ Bizarre adventures broke down. It’s commonplace for the thrill attraction to go down. However, it also meant that we would be the first to board since there was a group of us hovering over the entrance. It was also the attractions’ 24th birthday. The attraction opened in 1995, and I still remember the opening promotionals clearly. We don’t go onto the Indiana Jones and the Birdbox Challenge of Mara all too often (the queue gets to Jared’s claustrophobia at times), but this is always a fun one to go with a group of likeminded adventurers.

Our group decreased in numbers by the time we go to Pirates of the Caribbean. Upon in line for Pirates, we did see a character roam through the jungle…



Character Meet and Greets

Jane and Terk (Tarzan) was brought in for Adventureland Day. While this is an unofficial meet up, it was nice of Disney to have this rarity!We also met up with Moana. We had to remind her if she was smelling what Maui was cooking at the Enchanted Tiki Room…and someone stone cold is looking for Maui (hint: not Elsa).



The adventure party concluded festivities at Trader Sams. Jared and I winded down with tiki libations. Both of us very much approve of the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum. Trader Sam’s just went through renovation. Sadly, while some fan favorite tiki drinks are still on the menu, they got rid of my go-to drink, the passion python. Thankfully, we were at the Disneyland Hotel; hailing a Lyft from the hotel after a few drinks was ideal! We said our farewells to familiar faces and the new people we met that day.

Overall, Adventureland Day may have grown three times the size, but it’s still one I keep on my annual itinerary. I like that this event brings adventurers of all ages together. I received quite a bit of compliments from older gents. Compliments taken, I’m not used to it. I have to thank the Jungle Cruise crew for rescuing my hat down the river. I just felt I couldn’t enjoy Adventureland Day without my captain’s hat. Many thanks to the organizers of Adventureland Day, I loved the tiki tokens that were given at the scavenger hunt. Here’s to next year – we’ll definitely be there! Until then, scroll down for our socials to stay in touch with Dr. Falls and Mary Oceaneer.

Adventure is what you make of it, so make it a good one whether you rock a pith helmet or a captain’s hat (that has survived the Jungle Cruise). Kungaloosh!


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