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I’ve been attending Disneyland Lolita Day since 2016. This is one of the very few Lolita events that I attend in Southern California. While I used to be active in the Lolita scene in New England, the community is too overwhelming in Southern California. I like my communities small and intimate. However, I will not pass up a chance to wear my frills at the happiest and most instagramable place on Earth!


The Outfit

I’m wearing Haenuli’s Angel of Music dress. The dress is inspired by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. The 1980s musical was my jam in high school. I was an obsessive phangirl. Every theatre kid had their Phantom of the Opera phase and while I’ve grown out of it, Phantom does have a a special place in my memory. The headdress is from Sweet Mildred, who did have this dress in mind while making the head piece. The peignoir is from Fan Plus Friend. Don’t mind the ankles, my tights kept falling throughout the day.


The Coords

Disneyland Lolita Day is all about seeing how different gals dress in various Japanese street fashion inspired outfits. Some may go full over the top, and some might keep it casual. There were a few meet ups during the day including a photo meet up at the castle, button distribution, and seeing Mickey’s Magical Map.

And Various Photos Your’s Truly


I typically keep a low profile at these events. However, I do appreciate everyone’s friendliness. There were over a few hundred princesses that showed up on Disneyland Lolita Day from Las Vegas, Northern California, and even Canada. It’s really sweet that this event is growing and having j-fashionista’s interested in coming out to the Disneyland resort. We might not be as fanciful as Tokyo Disney Seas or Tokyo Disneyland, but I’m just happy that the Disneyland resort finally has accepted Lolita fashion as an acceptable style to wear at the park. This is one of the very few Lolita events I attend and it’s still one of my favorites. If you’re a lone Lolita or if you have a few friends, this is an excuse to wear frills at the happiest place on Earth. Just note that some attractions aren’t petticoat friendly.

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