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Rockabilly Extravaganza took place on November 24, 2018 at the Riverside Municipal Airport. The event hosted Cavalcade of Beauty, a two-round pinup contest. I’ve done a handful of pinup contests in 2018. I decided to throw my hat in the ring. I found out I was among the 26 finalists! This event falls during the Thanksgiving holiday, making it an event wherein I felt uncertain if I would be able to make it. However, my November 24th happened to be free. I never attended Rockabilly Extravaganza before, so everything at this event was totally new to me.

The Outfit

The theme of the pinup contest was vintage glamour, akin to Old Hollywood style. I had just the outfit. I picked up a silver dress from Stop Starring! clothing a year ago on a Black Friday sale. The faux fur was purchased from Dapper Day from The Vintage Darling. When I told the owner I was using it in a pinup contest that had a glamour theme, she was completely thrilled that I would be wearing one of her furs. The gloves and jewelry are true vintage. My hair and makeup was done by Autumn Rose with assistance from her Siamese fur baby, Bear.

I loved how the outfit came together. My inspiration came from this image from a chocolate tin box that I got in Little Tokyo. I liked the combination of vintage glamour and flight in the image.


The Car Show

I do like seeing old cars and I have a faint weakness for Chevy fleetlines. The event was held outdoors at the tiny Riverside airport. The air was pretty dry and arid. Weather wise, it was cool during the first part of the day and it did get warmer. There was a lot of walking, so high heels were pretty much discouraged.

In addition to the cars, there were a few planes parked outside.

I didn’t catch many of the music acts, but one notable act was a spot on young Elvis tribute artist, Caden Gamblin. Calling him an impersonator would be a disservice. He has true raw talent and I absolutely loved him seeing him on stage.

There were event a few vendors present by the hanger stage. The vendors included a few people selling pomade, pinup style clothes, grease monkey style shirts, and more. There were a few food vendors as well.


Cavalcade of Beauty

This is the first time I’ve ever entered a pinup contest that had two rounds involved. 26 girls entered the contest. Prior to the contest, we all had to help advertise Rockabilly Extravaganza by posting on our Instagram. We also had to help sell raffle tickets at the car show to raise money for Guitars for Veterans. The first round consisted of all of us walking the main stage – introducing ourselves and a quick bio. The question and answer round would be in the second round. The top 13 were announced to go onto the next round.

I didn’t make it to the next round, and that’s okay. I decided to take this time to relax and check out the rest of the car show.

The second round occurred at 2PM on the hanger stage. All 13 finalists went on stage to answer the question they were given at check in. Each pinup was given a different question to answer. Such questions included, “What three items from the car show would you gift to a veteran?” “What are you thankful for?” “What is the difference between pinups of today and pinups of yesterday?” “What is your favorite song to dance to?”

The winners announced shortly after:

Third Place: Jacqi Cee

Second Place: Ruby Wilde

Miss Cavalcade of Beauty 2018: Ms Vintage Roze


Pinup Style Snaps


I’m still deciding if the car show scene is for me. I do appreciate all of the encouragement from friends from online pinup groups to keep entering local pinup contests, your comments and consistent encouragement do mean a lot. With that said, thank you to the organizers and sponsors of Rockabilly Extravaganza. Many thanks to everyone I met and got to see again.

Written by A Feline of Spectre
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