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Patriots and Paws took place on October 7, 2018 at the Canyon RV Park in Anaheim, CA. Because it was a local event, I decided try my luck in the pinup contest. I ended up being one of the top 12 selected in the contest. The contest would be for the title of Miss Hometown Heroes. The event is to help out veterans find service animals to help them out in their daily lives. I typically support these types of causes given that my Uncle Ed is a veteran of World War II and Korea and has suffered dementia into old age.

Photo by Mitzi & Co

The Outfit

The theme of the show was patriotic with a pinup twist. I had an outfit in my closet that I’ve been meaning to wear for this type of contest! The outfit is the now discontinued military secretary dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. Hair and make up was done by my friend, Autumn Rose. I really liked how everything turned out. It was also an overcast day. Typically, pinup contests are held when the weather is is really hot and the sun beats down on you. Thankfully, I wasn’t sweating out my make up!

Photo by Mitzi & Co

The Event

The event was held outdoors on a campsite. It rained the night before, so the ground was a bit soft on the heels. There was also a classic car show that showed off people’s collection of vintage cars, hot rods, and even vintage trailers. I was hoping for more vintage militaria, but the closest thing there was a World War II tent set up by local reenactors.  There were a few food vendors that sold coffee – just about enough to keep everyone going until the contest. To kill some time, I decided to take a look at the car show.

I admit that I spent time before and after the contest looking at all of the historical memorabilia at this tent:


The Contest

The contest occurred around noon. Pinups were posed with the question of, “What is the most patriotic thing you’ve ever done?” I thought about my answer as I was browsing through the car show. Having lost both my aunt and uncle in less than a year’s time, made me think about his sacrifices and his duty to his country. I decided to talk about sharing his story about how he’s was the one person of color in his squadron and how he saved his comrades from an enemy gunner, thus earning the Silver Star. Stories about persons of color serving their country aren’t told as much. I like to share my Uncle Ed’s sacrifices with my peers so that his legacy may live on. I also liked hearing other gals’ answers – a few had a significant other serving for our country early, educators talked about teaching history and helping their students become better citizens, and even one entrant drove from Colorado to support placing service animals and veterans.

I also liked seeing what everyone was wearing and how they incorporated red, white, and blue into their contest outfits.

The winners were announced shortly after.

Third Place: Nikki La Rouge

Second Place: A Miss Called Vicky (that’s me!)

First Place: Noir Heart

I was completely shocked! I even forgot what my number was when they revealed who the winners were! After the contest, Mitzi, the contest organizer, took us gals on a photoshoot around the car show. I wasn’t expecting to win. I just like supporting veterans events and finding spaces to share m Uncle Ed’s story. I’m very happy for this victory. This is my first win in the pinup contest scene. A few days later, I was also mentioned in Racing Junk’s website.

Photo by Mitizi & Co


I’m really glad I decided to enter. I never really know what the results might look like. Up to this point, I’ve entered a few contests. This is the first time I ever placed. When I first started pinup, I didn’t think I’d be in the contest scene. I didn’t look like a typical 1950s cheesecake and I figured one had to have to huge following in the tens of thousands to even consider entering. My advice to pinups reading this, I would definitely suggest to try it once to say you’ve done it. You don’t need a huge following. You can have curves, no curves…dark skin, medium skin, light skin…black, brunette, flaxen, copper, teal…you never know what might happen.

Many shoutouts to Mitzi, Patriots and Paws, all of the sponsors for the pinup contest (I feel really bad of not getting a picture of all of my swag – it was huge!), Christini Martini for being an adorable host, and my fellow pinups. Let’s continue to build each other up. Until next time, Vicky Vicky Vii!

Written by A Feline of Spectre
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