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Ever thought about owning a piece of Disneyland park history? The Van Eaton Galleries hosted That’s from Disneyland, a pop up museum in Sherman Oaks that showcased park history from concept art to collections from past attractions. To kick off the opening of the temporary display, That’s from Disneyland held a 90s themed party. This was promoted through Instagram and word of mouth. I found out about the event during Anime Expo and thought it would be a fun event to attend. I have clear memories of Disneyland in the late 80s and 90s. Also, I’m a 90s kid, how could I refuse?


The Bounds

Even as a kid of the 90s, I did not partake in young adult fashion. I was mostly in elementary and middle school during this time; subject to whatever mom bought at Target. As I discussed with other attendees of this event, the challenge was to create a 90s outfit for our age in the present. Most clothing stores are embracing 90s fashion again. A few bounders mentioned they were able to create a 90s outfit just out of Forever 21 clothes. My bound was decided the week before. I decided to go as Perdita from 101 Dalmations the moment I saw this outfit at Unique Vintage.

 Granted, this was a 1950s / 1960s playsuit, it worked for early 90s pop singers like Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Paula Abdul. I was getting Madonna Immaculate Conception vibes as I was 90s-fying this outfit. The playsuit is from Unique Vintage. The hat is from Your Highness. The collar is from a cosplay. The boots is from Bodyline. I’m wearing an older wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs; a Veronica Lake inspired wig, but I made it look more 90s by wearing it loose, pinning it behind my ears.

Deb went as a casual Kim Possible. This was a completely last minute decision. Khaki’s were made popular again by Old Navy in the late 90s. It also was pretty common for gals to wear tank tops in the later 90s. To make the Kim Possible bound work, Deb is wearing a hat by Arsenic x Cyanide.


The Event

While this was an excuse for bounders to mix and mingle outside the park, That’s from Disneyland showed off pieces of Disney park history. A majority of these park displays were from the main Disneyland park in Anaheim, but there were maybe one or two items from the Florida parks. A majority of what was on display was on auction. Attraction vehicles can go to five digits. A few pieces of promotional advertisements and concept art started bidding around $300. Guests can take photos and selfies within the ride vehicles. I think my favorite pieces of Disney history were the animatronics from the original Submarine Voyage ride. They had the full sea serpent, original sign, and one of the mermaids. As much as I enjoyed the 90s atmosphere provided by the party, it was nice to spend a few hours just reading and appreciating things from Disneyland past.


Totally 90s Party

What really made this event authentic to the 90s was the music and sounds of the 90s. We were entertained by Scratching Beauty. Usually whenever I attend an event that highlights a DJ, I often get nervous if the music will match the content what the event is themed around. However, Scratching Beauty played memorable hits from the decade from every genre – Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, 2Pac, Blackstreet, Backstreet Boys, *N Sync, Britney Spears, Marky Mark, Christina Aguilera, etc were played throughout the event. This was better than any other 90s middle school and 9th grade dances I’ve ever attended. The variety was nice and it got people singing and dancing on the floor.

There was also a Bounders Market. We had artists and clothing dealers selling clothes made for bounding. I picked up an exclusive Maleficent dress from Elhoffer Design; perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. I also picked up some artwork inspired by the Haunted Mansion, my favorite park attraction. Another highlight of the Bounders Market was the free food! It was a hot day in the San Fernando Valley; free drinks, dole whip, churros, and cake pops all around!


Totally 90s Bounds

The 90s runs a gamut of styles from the overalls, backward baseball caps, neon colored jackets, flannel, preppies, etc. Blue eyeshadow and burgundy lips, top knot ponytails, body glitter, or unwashed grunge hair…bounders really got creative in integrating 90s style with Disney characters. There were a few who represented 90s Disney – Recess, A Goofy Movie, and Beauty and the Beast to name a few. I really loved seeing everyone’s outfits and what part of the 90s everyone represented. You all were amazing!



Many thanks to Van Eaton Galleries for hosting this event. Also many thanks to Leslie Kay and Caitlin Skybound for putting on an awesome party – it’s everything fun about the 90s. That’s from Disneyland runs from August 1 – August 24, 2018. You can see more information here. While I probably can’t afford bidding on a Cinderella display or Haunted Mansion furniture, it was totally awesome seeing things from the past displayed and appreciated in the present with other Disney park fans. Also, many thanks to Deb of Unlimited Bound Works for checking out this event with me. Shoutout to Scratching Beauty who I will keep in mind if I ever need DJ services. It was nice meeting all of you and seeing familiar faces. I hope we can see each other in the parks sooner rather than later. (Plus, I’m long overdue for a visit!)

Forever your (good) girl,

Eri Kagami

Written by Eri | Fashion IG: @afelineofspectre | Email: scarlet.rhapsody@ymail.com


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