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Villains Day took place on February 10, 2019. It was a rainy day in Anaheim. We had a flurry to thunderstorms during February. While we can say that it was “dark and stormy” for the 5th Annual Villains Day, it was definitely freezing for Southern California. The cold never bothered Unlimited Bound Works. This is one of our favorite dress up events at Disneyland. This event appeals to all generations of Disney fandom. Whether you’re bounding or just wearing some villains merchandise, this was the hang out for those who have affinity for Disney’s baddest.

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The Bounds

Eri Kagami as Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

While I go for the more obscure villains, I decided to go as my favorite, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty celebrates their 60th anniversary in 2019. Maleficent is also my favorite villain. While I do feel she’s the villain that is most present at Villains Day, I did want to represent my favorite. I wore a limited dress by Elhoffer Design. The ears are from Jojo’s So Creative.

Jared the Greek as Peg Leg Pete (Kingdom Hearts) 

We’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts and Jared wanted to find a way to represent Kingdom Hearts during Villains Day. Considering Maleficent and Peg Leg Pete work together in Kingdom Hearts, it’s a buddy bound! Jared wore a windbreaker, button up red shirt, tie, and a Greek sailor’s hat to remind people of his days on the Steamboat Willie.


The Meet Ups

I left my point and click at the house. I had meant to bring it to get photos of individual bounds, but alas, I just went with the flow of the event. The first meet up was behind the castle. Because there was construction at the front of Sleeping Beauty castle, we all met up at the Fantasyland side. There was also a really sick mural of Prince Phillip versus Maleficent.

Photo Credit: Villains Day

Following the group photo, villains went to various Fantasyland attractions. There was takeover at Pinocchio’s Bizarre Adventures, but we decided to detour for the short wait over at Peter Pan’s Bizarre Adventures. It was about a less than half hour wait for Peter Pan! We also checked out some of the added interactive features like the Tinkerbell sightings. For the most part, we stalked around Fantasyland enjoying all of the classics while there was a downpour.

off to never never land!

What followed as the Mark Twain takeover. All of us villains took over the first and second floor of the steamboat. The sun started to come out while we were on Mark Twain. At this point, you could also see bits and pieces of Galaxy’s Edge coming together.

Photo Credit: Villains Day

There was another meet up at the main esplanade, the place that connects DCA and Disneyland. However, because the rain came back again, we decided to make some rounds at New Orleans Square enjoying the fruity scents of the Haunted Mansion. Seriously, did they add in a pineapple display in the ballroom? Because it sure smells like dole whip in the Haunted Mansion. We then took the train over to Toon Town.

Photo Credit: Villains Day

The next meet up was for Mickey and the Magical Map. Neither of us has seen the show; we’re really not show people unless we’re invited with a group. We heard good things about this Disney revue show. The premise is Mickey, in his Sorcerer’s Apprentice form, gets curious about a magical map that Yensid has created. There is an unfinished part of the map, a black hole, that takes Mickey into different worlds. Kingdom Hearts jokes aside (I mean…the animation for Yensid looked straight out of KH2), this show was very entertaining and it was nice to see both the classics and modern Disney animated features take center stage. It is a revue show with Mickey goes from world to world in the map. It’s entertaining, I do highly recommend checking it out, especially after a long day of walking around in the park.

Photo Credit: Villains Day

We also went around Toon Town after the show. Everyone we met at Villains Day was super friendly. While there were a few people who had some air of elitism, I liked hanging out with the villains throughout the day. Many thanks to the organizers for another successful Villains Day. We look forward to Villains Day 2020!


Final Attraction Count

And on a rain day nonetheless!

  1. Peter Pan’s Bizarre Adventures
  2. Snow White’s Bizarre Adventures
  3. Pinocchio’s Bizarre Adventures
  4. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
  5. King Arthur’s Carousel
  6. Casey Jr. Train
  7. Mark Twain
  8. Big Thunder Mountain
  9. Haunted Mansion
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean
  11. Disneyland Railroad
  12. Minnie’s House
  13. Mickey’s House
  14. It’s a Small World
  15. Mickey and the Magical Map
  16. Star Tours
  17. Buzz Lightyear Alien Attack

Photo Credit: Villains Day

The last moments of Villains Day was spent having a hearty Villain-tines Dinner at Carnation Cafe. My partner has fond memories of Carnation Cafe. Also, I’ve always wanted to try out Walt’s chili – it’s based on a recipe from his housekeeper! Though it was cold, the lamp warmers kept us cozy. To top off Villains Day, we stopped by City Hall, not to complain about the rain, but if you’re a Disney parks trivia buff like me, they do have a special button just for you! With the help of Peg Leg Pete, Maleficent was ale to secure title of Honorary Citizen of Disneyland.

Guess Pete is not a bumbling failure after all.

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