[Escapade] Mickey’s Halloween Party 2017: Heavens Divide

Has it been ten years since my first Mickey’s Halloween Party? Why yes it has! I remember when ticket prices were so low I could afford to go twice. I went as Dawn from Pokemon and Hinamori Momo from Bleach back in 2007. I went on an random Friday in October and on Halloween. Tickets still sold like hotcakes even then. This year, there was a controversial price hike wherein most tickets were at $100 per person (with annual pass discount). The benefits of Halloween at Disney include dressing up in the park and collecting candy. The hidden benefit is that it’s not as crowded and you can do more of the E-ticket attractions from 3PM to 11PM. This year, they did something different. Disney’s California Adventure was also open for Mickey’s Halloween Party. Unfortunately, the announcement was so unclear, no one knew what the policy was. I thought you could go into DCA between 3PM at 6PM. However, you can park hop until DCA closes at 9PM.


The Costumes

I decided to make Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. This took about a few weeks to complete. One, I had to deal with the heatwave that scorched Southern California and I only have time to sew on the weekends. I don’t work well in the heat! With assistance from friends who have made Princess Serenity before, I was able to figure it all out. The wand is the official Bandai proplica. The wig is from The Five Wits Wigs. The accessories were made by Starlit Creations.

The host of Eat the Magic, after much indecision, decided on Austria from Hetalia. However, he knew was going to be easily confused with either Mozart or Alexander Hamilton. I made this back in 2011 as a surprise. (“Hey you, say no to this!”) It’s one of his favorite’s and though we didn’t get the photo by It’s A Small World, there were lots of other places to get some nice Austria photos.

My friend from Germany as her own rendition of Maleficent. She did an amazing job cosplaying as my favorite Disney villain. And to answer a commonly asked question, yes you can bring staffs at Disney Halloween.

And my other friend cosplaying as generic Imperial Security Bureau from Star Wars, but could also pass for Admiral Versio from Battlefront 2: Inferno Squad (amazing book, by the way!). The costume is from Cosplaysky and is also approved by the 501st (at least that’s what our site contributor, Bart, tells me). It’s so legit that people thought he was actually working for the parks.


DCA @ Halloween

Entry time into both parks started at 3PM. There was bit of a line to get into DCA because they don’t just scan your print out ticket – they take your photo and scan it into a new printed ticket. It’s much like processing annual passes, but this time it’s for the event ticket. Of course, we perused through Cars Land to see all the Halloween related puns. We did try some of the holiday themed treats at Flo’s V8 Cafe. This was Jared’s first time taking in Cars Land. We had the candy corn cake and the grape shake.

More about Disney food can be found at Jared’s Eat the Magic series. Guardians of the Galaxy also had a holiday overlay, but that was for the evening hours. We were intending on spending the evening in the main park.

DCA really outdid themselves this Halloween with really going all out in Cars Land and finding creative things to add to Buena Vista Street. So much so, DCA has seen an influx of guests coming in just for the Halloween decorations. The summer of heroes thing was met with tepid response. However, as long as Halloween is thrown in the mix, guests will come regardless.

So whatever became of Candy Corn Acres?

Disneyland @ Halloween

While people can start entering at 3PM, the main festivities begin at 6PM. Regular park guests are ushered out – some leave for the day and some shuffle to DCA. The joy of cosplaying as Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon is that cast members and park guests knew who I was. I had a cast member personally thank me for protecting the magic kingdom and I had another cast member fangirl over my cosplay. As usual, I always like going to Disneyland during Halloween. It’s not so crowded and it’s really easy to get on all the E-Ticket attractions. The dark rides were easy to walk in and out of. We were able to get on the Jungle Cruise without having to wait. The longest wait was between the line for Darth Vader at Launch Bay and Indiana Jones.

Music around the park gets a bit repetitive – it’s the same soundtrack they have every year. However, I do like the areas where it’s more ambient such as Big Thunder Trail where it’s just fog – it’s almost like Silent Hill. I actually did trick or treating this year. I normally don’t, but I opened myself to it. I ended up filling up my bag with more treats than I know what to do with. I think I’ll just donate it to my office! The last time I really did any trick or treating was in 2007 when I first went. After collecting candy, our last stop was Haunted Mansion Holiday. As always, the gingerbread house in the ballroom is always my favorite part of it.


Miscellaneous Photos

Running into my friend from high school – he works for Disney security now.

Running into another friend that I do idol themed cosplays with. We cosplayed as Iorie and Ritsuko from iDolm@ster last summer. Now I want to see fanart of Iorie cosplaying as Gadget and Ritsuko cosplaying as Serenity (as if the twins roped her into it against her will.)

Those who are after the silver crystal or whatever the official English translation of it is now.

When you have the Imperial Security Bureau on board.You haven’t lived until you’ve used the silver crystal on Space Mountain. So was this what it was like to fight Queen Beryl and / or Fiore?

Treats from Flo’s V8 Cafe – candy corn pie!

Thinking to myself that Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout needs more Dio…and Yes…and The Bangles…and Savage Garden…Technically, we are both magical girls – we have sticks that do metaphysical things.

I love how Maleficent photobombs in this one…with all the powers of Hell!Yay for random crossovers!

Admiral Versio is a precious cinnamon roll.

My sister pointed out at we’d make an amazing Gentiana and Lunafreya from Final Fantasy 15.

So, let me tell you about the time in 7th grade where I wrote about sailor scouts in the Star Wars Universe…

Attraction Count

  1. Animation Academy
  2. Captain Starlord’s Awesome Dance Off
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout
  4. Newsboys
  5. Disneyland Railroad
  6. Disney Gallery
  7. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
  8. Matterhorn
  9. Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy (aka Mass Effect)
  10. Star Tours The Adventure Continues
  11. Star Wars Launch Bay
  12. Jungle Cruise
  13. Indiana Jones’ Bizarre Adventures
  14. Cadaver Dans
  15. Pirates of the Caribbean
  16. Halloween fireworks
  17. Haunted Mansion Holiday

(23 for Halloween record to beat)


Quotes and Inside Jokes

“Hey! That’s how I flirt with you!” – reference to the drunk pirate and the cats on POTC

“Crab battle!” “It broke my knife.”

“If I did that, it looked like I peed on the ride.”

“This ride peed on me.” “I sense a theme here…”

“You’re gonna get gingerbread perfume right?” “No.”

“Did I tell you about the the tale of Scary Terry?”

“All they did was give her a new hat?!” – reference to the redhead on POTC

“Hold out, Carlos! Don’t tell them, bro!”

“I’m just saying…this is how it all went down in Yorktown.”

“I’m just saying…this is how it all went down in Fort Sumter.”

“Oh hi Harold. Anyway how is your sex life?”

“I’m Pickle Rick!!!!!!!!!!!”

“This needs more Ronnie James Dio.” “Wrong era.” “Um…Black Sabbath and Rainbow ring a bell?”

“Of course I know songs from Love Live…the one about believing in your dreams and the one about hope for the future! And the one about believing in your dreams while having hope for the future.”

“What is Roger Moore known for?!”

“We’re getting the Flo Rida feat. Ke$ha version?”

“Bradley Cooper…you cheeky tease.”

“Sally! The character’s name is Sally!”

“Can we not talk about your ex in her place of employment?”

“May the Force be with you.” “And also with you.”

“R2, do you is fucking?”

“I was old.”

“I remember when Michael Jackson used to be there. I miss floating rock…”

“My name is Eri. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. That’s how I talk. Meow meow meow meow.”

“What’s Silent Hill?” “Just some place…I know.”

“You should knock on the door to Star Wars Land and maybe they’ll let you in!”


“Thank you Princess Serenity for protecting us!”

“Jared is Maki – the one that hates everyone.”

“You’re totally Rin because you go nya and like cats.”

“Time to go to Aunt Flo’s V8 Cafe!”

“I’m not composing, I’m conducting.”

“Is this fake fog or real fog?”

“Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.”



This was in the planning stages since after Anime Expo (July 2017). Tickets were on sale after D23 Expo. Halloween at Disney is always worth the admission price. There’s nothing like cosplaying with some of the best backdrops you could ask for. I wish I did get more photos with my regular camera as Princess Serenity, but I was having way too much fun to think about it. I loved all the compliments I was getting. It was also finally nice to do this with a group of friends – especially ones I don’t get to see all too often. I really had a wonderful time planning and coordinating costuming with all of you. I certainly hope we can do this again next year.

There are rumors of Halloween Time shifting to DCA for 2018. I do prefer Halloween at the main park, but as a pass holder, I do appreciate the work and effort put into DCA. I feel DCA has a lot of potential; it just has an identity crisis right now.

Written by Eri Kagami | IG: @erikagamisews

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