[Classy Cats] Ticket to the Twenties 2017

As members of Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, the classy cats of Scarlet Rhapsody attended Ticket to the Twenties in City of Industry, CA. It’s a bit of a hike to get to City of Industry, but not unbearable to get from the South Bay towards the east side. As members of the society, I heard about this event through the mailing list. I’m always looking for more dress up events in Southern California to attend and support. There is a growing interest of 1920s themed events in Southern California. It’s not as huge as New  York’s or Boston’s lawn parties, but it’s always nice seeing people in Southern California having an appreciate for the times.


The Outfits

Debby Diamond wore this outfit from Loco Lindo. She’s a huge fan of red and white dots. It’s super comfortable and very breathable. While the weather is cooling down from the summer, it’s still a comfortable dress for walking and relaxing around these events. She was borrowing a headband and a set of pearls from my closet.

I wore this black number from Unique Vintage. Because we were playing a 1920s murder mystery game, I wanted to wear something that my party girl debutante would wear. The hair is by Ana of Classic Glamour Dolls. The headband is from The Vintage Darling. The earrings are from one of my dearest friends, Irina. The pearls were from my closet.


The Event

Ticket to the Twenties is a free event. No need for admission. There were tours of the homestead – it was very hard to see from where we were situated. However, you could attend tours and lectures about the era and the house. It wasn’t really a Gatsby style mansion, but the homestead is one of Los Angeles’ historical landmarks that’s been well preserved.


The Vendors

There was a row of vintage themed vendors that sold hats, rings, necklaces, headbands, clothes, tea cups, etc. There was a lot to look at! Unfortunately, most vendors took cash. However, there was an ATM machine on site, but we didn’t want to deal with paying extra fees to use a third party machine. It was still nice to see what was out there and what was selling.


The Entertainment

There were a few stages for live music and dancing. There was one in the rose garden of the homestead. There was another one by the duck pond and the family mausoleum. We were closest to the one by the pond. We were entertained by dance performances by the Hollywood Hotshots and music by California Feetwarmers.



I love anything Art Deco Society of LA hosts. I’m glad that I could have done this event in October with friends. Even as outsiders looking in, it was just nice to dress up with friends and have a picnic with the ambience of period music. It really does feel like you’re taken back to the era. I liked that we were playing our traditional murder mystery game and Model T Ford’s were driving by and that we had people in period outfits passing through. Granted, we were some of the younger people at the event, but it was still nice to try out. October tends to be a busy month with the autumn holiday celebrations, but if we do have time in our schedule, we would love to check this out again.

Written by Vicky Angel | IG: @afelineofspectre

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