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[Zero Hour] Ye Ole New England Gatherings

Listen Western Region asks Victoria about her move to New England. All about gatherings in Boston – cosplay, lolita, and more. We also talk about the many comic book stores in Boston. Moderated by Jared.   Talent Victoria, Jared   Links of Interest  Cosplay Ice Skating 2012: I Want My Midnight TV CosWalk 2012: Melancholy […]

[See Scarlet Sew] Taiga (Holidays)

Taiga – Toradora – Holidays I’ll admit, I’ve only seen a few episodes of Toradora, but they were in Tagalog. I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy the series since slice of slice anime seems so cookie cutter, but there was something special about Taiga. My partner says I’m a lot like her  – short, […]

[One Shots] X-Men Legacy #2 (2012)

X-Men Legacy #2 (2012) Writer- Simon Spurrier Pencils- Tan Eng Huat One of the biggest failing a comic can have is to waste an issue with meaningless philosophy and pointless scenes.  That was one of the big problems with issue one of X-Men Legacy.  This second issue acts more like an issue one by introducing […]

[BizWorld #19] Come Quack with Me

  Listen The Funniest Damn LA Sports Show Ever!   Talent Jared, Miguel, Stan   Follow Us! Subscribe to Us on iTunes @BizWorldOSports Like Us on Facebook   Links of Interest I and I Brewing   Additional Credits “We Like Sportz” by Lonely Island “We’re the 49ers” by The San Francisco 49ers