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[Staff Editorial] Sailor Moon Cosplay 101

Sailor Moon Cosplay 101 by Victoria I’ve recently been asked about creating Sailor Moon sailor senshi costumes. I have been working on a few lately. In the past, I have done Neo Princess Mars, human Luna, Rei Hino’s school uniform, and Sailor Pluto. I am currently working on Super Sailor Mars in hopes to have […]

[Bizarro Files #20] Bento Slash Madness!

Listen   Topics of Discussion + Tentacle Bento, Geekdom, and Rape Culture + What’s up with Slash? + Gay Superheroes + Toonami talk! + Pokemon odds and ends   On Air Talent Jared, Andrea, Ramses   Production Team Deb, Victoria   Links of Interest + Toonami Website   Additional Credits “Kill Chorus” by Andrew Espejo […]

[Zero Hour #14] Fanime Con Pre Show

Listen The conventioneers talk about what’s going on at Fanime Con 2012   Talent Jared, Victoria, Deb   Links of Interest +Fanime Con   Music Credits “Traveling” by Hikaru Utada “Fight to Survive” by Stan Bush The Last Man at Fanime is Not a Man

[Staff Editorial] Don’t Feed the Trolls: When Zealots Attack

Don’t Feed the Trolls: When Zealots Attack by Victoria   “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.” –          Matthew 6:1 For lack of better phrase, I will refer to these demonstrators as Zealous […]

[Bizarro Files #19] Bizarro Morning Cartoons

Listen   Topics of Discussion + Promote Your Stuff – Free Comic Book Day discussion! + Promote Your Stuff – Ramses’ big weekend + Promote Your Stuff – Singing Through Life on Scarlet Rhapsody + Promote Your Stuff – New 52! + Cartoon talk – Avatar, Avengers, Fujiko Mine, and more! + The return of […]

[One Shots] Dial H #1 (2012)

Dial H Writer-China Mieville Artist- Mateus Santolouco This is a very strange title that feels like a sloppy version of Ben10.  It follows Nelson an over weight chain smoking loser who discovers a mysterious telephone booth that transforms him into a different super powered being when he dials the word “hero”.  His first transformations allow […]

[One Shots] World’s Finest #1 (2012)

Huntress/Power Girl – World’s Finest Writer- Paul Levitz Pencils- George Perez This is how you start a new comic series.  Begin with Helena and Karen discussing their current status and then have events occur to cause them to reflect on how they got to Earth-1.  This issue concludes with Huntress and Power Girl  charging into […]

[Zero Hour #13] Gaslight Gathering & Long Beach Comic Expo

Listen The conventioneers discuss Tomo Neko Maid Cafe’s celebrity event, Gaslight Gathering (we’re on an airship), and Long Beach Comic Expo.   On Air Talent Jared, Vicky, Andrea, Ramses   Production Team Ramses, Vicky   Event Report + Long Beach Comic Expo 2012   Links of Interest + Fanime Con + Long Beach Comic Expo […]